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  • How much are lavender bundles?
    $6 U-Cut (3 for $15), $7 Pre-Cut (3 for $20)
  • Where are scissors, rubber bands & baskets?"
    Table by farm stand. Baskets intended for use on the farm but may be purchased. Rubber band stands also in the field.
  • Can I bring my own scissors or snips for cutting?
    Yes, but please disinfect before using. Disinfectant will be available at the farmstand. Disinfection is important to prevent any transmission of plant diseases to the farm. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Can I cut wildflowers? (while field patch lasts)
    Yes. A bundle of wildflowers is free with purchase of lavender. Pair together with a metal bucket to make arrangement.
  • How big is a bundle?
    Make an “ok” sign with your index finger and thumb. A bundle of stems should be approx this size ( ~1.5” dia)
  • How do I avoid the bees?
    Bees love lavender, they are harvesting nectar and don’t want trouble. The bees are wild. Move slowly. Tap the lavender stems gently at the base with the scissors; the bees will fly off to another plant. Don’t swat or swing at the bees, that just alarms them.
  • Do you have any food made with lavender?
    Not this year. Varieties used for culinary are listed on the farm map in the brochure if you would like to try in recipes.
  • Do you sell live lavender plants?
    I have a limited number this year, I will begin propagating live plants for sale in 2022
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)
  • Are pets allowed in the lavender field?
    Yes, if on leashes & owner cleans up after them. The woods are brushy, Bald Peak Rd has lots of traffic, don’t let your buddy run off.
  • What else is there to see in the area?
    There are many wineries close by as well as Bald Peak State Park. Bald Peak Rd is a scenic drive. Drive carefully, bicyclists ride on Bald Peak Rd in the summer.
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