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Dried bundles of lavender from 2021.  Bundles are "raw" from the field meaning they have not been trimmed or cleaned and are bundles with a rubber band only.   Bundles will contain 100 to 150 stems on White Grosso and Gros Bleu and 150 to 250 stems on all other varieties.  These are relatively large bundles.   Snip the stem ends to your desired length, add your own ribbon or colorful tie to suit your taste.  Bundles from 2021 were affected by the hot, dry summer and have a few more withered blooms than desired and the color is somewhat subdued so are discounted.  See photos for color and stem length of the varieties available.   Dark Purple varieties: Gross, Impress Purple, Phenomenal, Gros Bleu.  Medium Purple varieties:  Seal, Hidcote Giant, Dutchmill.  White varieties: (more off white when dried): White Grosso

2021 Lavender Bundles- Dried

$10.00 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
  • Dried lavender bundles from 2021 harvest.  Different varieties avail. 


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