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100% pure, steam distilled essential oil from Intermedia (French) lavender varieties grown naturally on the farm without use of any pesticides or herbicides . Distilled and bottled on the farm.  Essential oil from French lavenders is more herbal than English lavenders.  Listed varieties are only from that variety, blended is a blend of varieties with lower yield.   Grosso is the worlds most produced oil and will be a familiar scent.   Phenomenal is similar to Grosso but slightly cleaner aroma.  Super was the runaway customer favorite at the farmstand during the summer, it is closest in aroma to English lavenders with a very nice, clean aroma.  Amethyst is similar to Super with a slightly more herbal aroma.  10ml euro dropper bottle. 

Essential Oil, French - 10ml

PriceFrom $10.00
  • 100% steam distilled lavender essential oil.  Do not consume.  Dilute prior to topical use. 


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