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Dry lavender buds harvested, cleaned and packaged here on the farm.  Varieties available are Grosso and Provence.   Grosso is a darker purple with green base.  Provence is a light, uniform purple.  Both smell wonderful, but are different fragrances.  Both varieties are Intermedia lavender and are not intended for culinary uses, these are intended for use in sachets, potpouri or other aroma applications.  I've done my best at cleaning, but there will be a small amount of green leaves and stems along with the brown withered blooms.  It is difficult to get lavender buds extremely clean.  1 gallon or 1 quart zip top bag.

Dry Lavender Buds

PriceFrom $10.00
  • Dry, cleaned lavender buds from Provence or Grosso lavender.  Not intended for culinary uses. 

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If there are any issues, please email for replacement or refund


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